The SEO Waiting Game Can Be Hard

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SEO Waiting Game Can Be HardWhile Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment, marketers often feel forced to show improvement quickly. Provided below are some thoughts for quick wins that can show value while waiting for your longer-term initiatives to start gaining traction.

When you pick up a fresh client or begin a job at a brand new firm as the Search Engine Optimization specialist, one thing everyone needs will be to see fast results. The fact that SEO takes time may be a struggle as you attempt to demonstrate value while also satisfying your own desire to make an impact.

Here are a few Search Engine Optimization techniques that will let your colleagues or customers understand you are the real deal, bringing worth with your expertise.

1. Win With Featured Snippets

Winning a featured snippet area can get a tremendous impact, bringing organic traffic to a page. Although getting featured in the fast answer box isn’t guaranteed, there’s a fairly easy formula for optimizing your content for it.

Start by going to the Google Search Console to find positions for queries that have a question — you can do this by filtering for queries including “how,” “what” or “why.”

Increase your odds of being featured in the fast reply box by making on-page advancements:

  1. Supply a detailed response in a bulleted or numbered format that specifically answers the question introduced by the search query.
  2. Add a video to the webpage which answers the question (with transcription).
  3. Submit it to be indexed, and share it on Google Plus, so the changes are noticed quickly once your content has been revised.

2. Optimize Existing Content

It is much easier to enhance a solid existing page’s ranking a number of places in the SERPs than it is to get a new (or badly ranking) page to show quick results.

Knowing that you see the biggest bumps in traffic when you get into the top three results, target content ranked in position 3 to 10. Improving bounce rates or building on pages that are converting can also be a great way to see big gains from a small time investment.

There are several ways to identify which pages to concentrate on:

  1. Going back to the Search Console, sort key words by rank to find keywords ranked between 3 and 10.
  2. Looking in Google Analytics, locate pages with a high bounce rate but traffic that is decent.
  3. Also with high conversion speeds, find pages in Google Analytics.

What can you do to enhance these pages and see results immediately? Here are some thoughts

On-Page Optimization

  • Changing the basic on-page ranking factors to improve search engine optimization.
  • Find internal pages that are related to your goal pages, and create new internal links from the related pages to the goal pages.
  • Share on Google Plus and submit to Google to be crawled.

Crowd Source Content For Quick Links

One way to quickly improve a page’s content (and possibly increase links) is by reaching out to influencers. Keep it simple by asking influencers to give to a page you are attempting to improve.

For instance, when you have a page you wrote about the very best places to eat in Austin, you ask them for their view on the top new restaurants and can reach out to food bloggers in Austin.

Even more effective would be to ask them if they have a website post about those restaurants that are special you could link to. They will gladly give you content to link to while you get more content to add to your page.

Let the influencers know by e-mail and via Twitter once the upgrades are made. This can result in added shares that are societal and maybe links for the influencers. You can also use this technique when you’re developing a brand new page.

Optimizing For Search Intent

I often locate pages ranking well for queries which do not meet the page. Repairing this will probably enhance lesser bounce rate and status.

The key words now driving traffic are tactical for your website, and in case the page doesn’t rank for other key words, rewrite the article completely focusing on those keywords.
You can add a section to answer the query that it ranks for, if you need to keep the article.
Write a new page that answers the questions if the advice that would fit the search intention doesn’t belong on the page, and link to it from the standing post with keyword-rich anchor text.

3. Enhance Rank For Converting Pages

Look at Google Analytics to find the pages that are converting. Use the Search Console to locate the keywords driving traffic to that page. You can even look at paid campaigns -converting keywords.

Focus on these keywords and pages to see quick results and really prove the value in SEO.

4. Locate Competing Content

Check your site for several pieces of content on the same topic and combine the pages. Make sure to redirect URLs so that there is only one page.

5. Fixing 404 Errors

There are several tools which make it simple to locate 404 errors. It’s possible for you to repair links by reaching out to site owners that possess the broken links or redirect the broken URL to a page that is live.

Closing Thoughts

While SEO is a long-term investment and can take time to show results, there are always a few things you can do to show quick value. I have included only included a few opportunities here, but there are many other techniques like using other sites to get content ranking quickly. What are some of your techniques to get quick results?

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