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Time-Of-Day Bidding Enables Agile Adjustment To Holiday Season Volatility. If you manage paid search marketing and your business is retail, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas probably don’t give you much time for sober reflection. Retail is intensely seasonal, and that is as true online as it is in stores. Search engine marketers generally understand […]

Falling for the “affordable” SEO services trap will wreck your business. I don’t want that to happen to you! This guide will explain why you need to avoid these services (and what to look for). Then, I’ll show you what you can do if you have a limited SEO budget. Let’s jump in. What is […]

When it comes to your marketing budget, you want to make the most out of every dollar you spend. Some businesses may have tighter budgets than others, which is why it is important to analyze which channels will benefit your marketing efforts the most. The debate between digital and print advertising is a conversation that […]

As SEOs, our job is to increase the amount of qualified traffic to clients’ brands with the intention of having end users buy something, fill out a form, download a brochure or perform other actions on a site. While enhancing traffic is great, it does not necessarily result in more sales. So how do we […]

While Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment, marketers often feel forced to show improvement quickly. Provided below are some thoughts for quick wins that can show value while waiting for your longer-term initiatives to start gaining traction. When you pick up a fresh client or begin a job at a brand new firm as the […]

Websites change in two ways, big and small. There’s the big, revolutionary change of the redesign. A process that happens once every four years or so. Then there are the little evolutionary changes that happen in between. These are the tweaks, the enhancements and the support tickets. Each year, our clients request hundreds changes to their […]

Since Google launched in 1998, the company has been continually refining its search algorithm to better match users with online content. Over the years, many algorithm updates have targeted spammy and low-quality content in an effort to surface this content less frequently in search results. Other algorithm updates have been aimed at improving Google’s “understanding” of search queries and page content to better align […]

Internet marketing is not something that businesses can afford to just consider any more. It must be an integrated element of your total marketing strategy and your company web site should be the epicenter of these efforts. Jenny Servis, Vice President of Marketing for marketing solutions firm describes the importance of a company website, “Ten years ago it […]

Small and Medium-Sized Companies Frequently Have Tight Budgets. Alas, many small businesses do not comprehend the relevance of design, so they often cut corners to save room in their budget for other regions i.e. locate some inexpensive high school or collage student to manage their web site or logo design or even simply do it themselves rather than […]

Back in 2014, a study found that there were certainly no four letter combinations left for the dot com domain name extension. Each one of the possible 456,976 unique blends of letters was already registered. Up until this point, four letter domain names were all the rage since they were simple to recall and fast […]